Life Coaching Services to Self Partner Your Life

Everyone lives through different seasons, some sunny and hopeful and others overcast and disheartening. However, what we decide to do in those most turbulent and transitional moments has the greatest overall impact. When we become partners with ourselves, we can weather these phases with resilience and use them to meet our goals. Self Partnered Therapist aims to impart knowledge, offer guidance, and create a supportive environment for those seeking goal-aligned lives. With a psychotherapeutic and coaching approach, we help individuals and couples from all backgrounds and life stages.

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30 minute consultation

At SPT, we know the decision to change isn’t always an easy one—or one with a straightforward path. During your 30-minute complimentary consultation, Kayla will get an idea of your story and outline what you can expect when choosing her as a certified life coach. She will also help determine your goals and which life coaching services are best to meet them. 

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6-Week “Get Started” Package

After you decide to self partner, the next question is: Where do I start? In our 6-week introductory package, you’ll have access to one 60-minute session with Kayla per week in addition to one journaling prompt with direct support and feedback between sessions. We'll determine your goals and track progress by beginning and ending with a Self Partnering assessment. 

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3-Month “I’m Committed” Package

For those who need to go beyond the introductory phase, the 3-month package provides an opportunity for massive personal growth. During this program, you’ll have access to two 60-minute sessions with Kayla per week in addition to journaling prompts between sessions with direct feedback. We'll determine your goals and track progress by beginning and ending with a Self Partnering assessment.

  • Step 1: Schedule Your First Session

    Once you’ve had a consultation to determine which life coaching services are the best fit, you’ll complete your initial assessment and first session with Kayla. This is where the journey begins. 

  • Step 2: Set Your Goals

    During your first 60-minute session, Kayla will get to know you, assess your goals, and begin tailoring assignments and prompts to guide you toward self partnership. You will revisit these goals throughout the course. 

  • Step 3: Complete Assignments & Assessments

    Each journal prompt throughout your 6-week or 3-month journey complements your sessions and demonstrates actionable strategies to meet your goals. The beginning and end assessments show overall progress.