Becoming Self Partnered

Life is a beautiful journey of discovery where making mistakes, creating connections, and undergoing self-evolution happen along the way. The term “self partnered” is relatively new, but the concept is not. Its basic premise centers on this question: What could you achieve if you supported yourself like you would the partner of your dreams? 

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Find Your Path

At Self Partnered Therapist, we help our clients make decisions based first on being a partner to themselves and manifesting goals with a strong foundation of self-awareness and love in place. With one-on-one and group coaching backed by data, research, and experience, Kayla helps clients choose paths that align with what they want most.

Self Partner Your Life

Every good coach can relate to their coachees on a personal level. They serve as a North Star for the right moves because they’ve been in the same place.

Self Partnered Therapist founder Kayla Scheanon is much more than a qualified, licensed therapist with over 15 years of experience. She’s also a survivor of domestic violence, a single parent, an entrepreneur, and completely, unapologetically human. 

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With her professional background and personal experience, she provides supportive and proven coaching to clients from all walks of life. With her work in the behavioral health field, she noticed patterns and themes amongst her clients, especially those seeking help for their relationships and overall outlook. From these insights, she developed individualized coursework and coaching sessions to help people self partner their lives and implement lasting change.

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Self Partnered Mission

To empower individuals and couples to take ownership over their lives and embrace what it means to become a self partner.  

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    Whether it’s the relationship with yourself, a romantic partner, or a coach, authenticity brings vulnerability, honesty, and humility to the table. 

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    It takes courage to change, especially during a turbulent life season. We value and support this courage that is not without fear but in spite of it

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    On the road to self-evolution, plenty of discoveries can be made. At SPT, we encourage exploration of self in every session, journaling prompt, and assignment. 

“As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”

- Nelson Mandela