Self Partnered Therapist

An online life coach to help you become your most fulfilled self.

Self Partnered Therapist gives individuals and couples the tools they need to become partners with their own lives and potentials.

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Every Successful Journey Needs a Guide

During life’s winding journey, you can’t always prepare for obstacles. You can, however, decide to empower yourself to work with a guide who can help identify and meet those obstacles head-on. Founder of Self Partnered Therapist Kayla Scheanon has been a licensed therapist for over 15 years. During her time in behavioral health, she has witnessed a lack of self-attention, care, and partnership in hundreds of people, holding them back from achieving relationships and goals. Her transition to online life coach grew from a personal and professional need: to help others on this path and serve as an encouraging guide.

From starting her thriving counseling practice from the ground up to becoming a successful entrepreneur, Kayla is uniquely qualified to help others realize their full potential.

Meet Kayla

Coaching services.

What could you achieve if you supported yourself like you would the partner of your dreams?

Resources to Keep You on Track

Everyone’s journey to self partnership is different. Our goal is to provide comprehensive services and support so you feel confident to reach your goals.

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