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What can I expect from personal coaching services? 

Our client’s goals, expectations, backgrounds, and abilities are as unique as they are. That’s why our services are never one size or strategy fits all. Whether you choose the 6-week or 3-month personal coaching package, you can expect personalized sessions, thoughtful journal prompts, actionable feedback, and helpful assessments.

How are you different from other life coaches?

As a licensed therapist, Kayla combines psychotherapy and coaching strategies for a comprehensive therapeutic experience. Unlike other life coaching services, we never take a cookie-cutter approach to helping clients meet their goals. We tailor every session to the individual.

Do I need to purchase any books or download special apps?

No, you don’t need to bring anything to the table other than an open mind (and a good WiFi connection). We will provide all the necessary documents, journal prompts, forms, and session logins. 

How do you measure progress or goal setting?

When partaking in therapeutic coaching, progress is measured on a couple of levels. During the process, we provide periodic assessments with the ultimate goal of teaching you to self-assess to measure ongoing progress. Although everyone’s situation and goals vary, some of the ways we know a client is actively self partnering is when they are able to stabilize their emotions without the help of a partner, are not people-pleasing, and are doing things based on their own alignment first.  

What makes your coaching packages different?

At Self Partnered Therapist, our packages are designed by a licensed therapist with over 15 years of experience working with individuals of all backgrounds. We’ve created proven prompts and assignments to teach clients how to become a self partner. In addition to these structured assignments, we provide individualized sessions and feedback considering your personal goals. That said, no two coaching experiences are exactly alike because no two people are. 

Do you offer personal coaching to groups?

Yes, we offer personal coaching to individuals, couples, and groups.

I’m already in a happy relationship. Can I benefit from self partnering?

Absolutely! Self partnering is for everyone, whether they’re looking for their life partner, have already found them, or are in the middle of a big life transition. The main goal of this approach is to become partner to yourself and manifest goals with a strong foundation of self-awareness and love.

Do you offer retreats?

We don’t offer retreats at this time, but they’re in the works! Keep tuned on social media and our website for more information.

Where can I find more resources?

The more resources we have, the more likely we are to grow organically. On our resource page, you can find our recommended sites for everything from travel and DIY to fitness and starting a business.